This Widebody Ford Mustang Dark Horse Could Take Down The New C8 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

The Ford Mustang is the original pony car and is the go-to for American cars in popular media. Every time a new design comes out, it makes waves. It will always be the benchmark for a lasting design when it comes to American cars. The newest 2024 Ford Mustang S650 is already showing off its futuristic designs while carrying forward the iconic pony car looks. Some artists are even already imaging what aftermarket parts will look like for the new style of ‘stang.

This Widebody Ford Mustang Dark Horse Could Take Down The New C8 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Provided by HotCars

With that in mind, YouTuber and Designer, Carmstyledesign, imagines a futuristic, sleek widebody kit for the new Mustang. This widebody adds the aggression and room for bigger tires needed to tame all the power that will come with the new dark horse track-focused Mustang. Read on to see how the unique design compliments the new Ford pony car.
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Design Elements For This Widebody S650 Ford Mustang Dark Horse

This widebody means business. It lowers and widens the already sporty car into an aggressive street monster. It features a red, black and white color scheme with some unique wheels. It’s painted to fade from dark to light which gives the whole car a look of forward momentum, even when it’s standing still. It also features a wind-swept spoiler reminiscent of the Lamborghini Veneno.
There’s also a notable hood scoop and some serious front and rear aero that’s sure to keep this monster Mustang planted on the road. Quad exhausts compliment the rear splitter to help the assumed V8 heart of the car expel its exhaust as fast as possible. If this was ever produced by Ford, enthusiasts from all over would be itching to drive it.

A Monster V8 For A Monster Mustang

Since Ford recently announced the 2024 Dark Horse Mustang will have 500 hp, the Coyote 5.0-liter V8 is the natural choice for the futuristic version of the Mustang. However, since this is a one-off creation from imagination land, why not give this new Mustang a little more power to go along with its updated looks? The first logical choice is the 5.2-liter supercharged V8 from the Shelby GT500 which produces 760 horsepower.
That would up the ante and make this an insanely fast modern pony car for the next generation. Considering there is no confirmed next generation Chevrolet Camaro, this Mustang would earn best in class. To blow the competition out of the water though, stuffing the massive Godzilla 7.3-liter engine in this with a turbo and over 1,000 hp would be the way to go.