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Thread: 2000 GT Idling Badly. Misfire?

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    Question 2000 GT Idling Badly. Misfire?

    Ive had my 2000 GT for a few years now and Ive had to do a few minor things to it to keep it moving along. New fuel injector, new plugs. When I turn on the air conditioner, the car starts to putter and lower RPMs. And go back and forth. If I put it in drive and rev up, there is a definite loss of power and the engine sounds odd. It sounds like a misfire, perhaps. I need advice. Did I screw something up when I replaced the plugs/injector?

    Thank you all.

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    You might have a leak around the injectors. Maybe the one you replaced. It could also be your IAC valve.

    This video can help with replacing it:

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