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Thread: Racing stories? I destroyed a BMW ;)

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    Racing stories? I destroyed a BMW ;)

    Do any of you ever engage in a little street racing? Recently I was out driving in the country with very little traffic and few stops. I had a BMW behind me and it started tailgating me. I let him pass and then, of course, he slowed down. I assume he was messing with me. I tried to pass him back and of course this idiot starts speeding up again while I'm in the other lane. My little 89 5.0 showed that beamer a little thing or two about ford muscle.

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    I have a 1990 GT. Oh yeah, I've killed a few Camaros in my day.

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    During the 80s I hear the 5.0's ruled the roads! The Camaros were just underpowered back then. I remember a buddy of mine telling me he liked driving his mom's V8 station wagon more than his IROC because it hd more pickup than his camaro. HAHA

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