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Thread: Intake Manifold rule in NHRA Super Stock ???

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    Intake Manifold rule in NHRA Super Stock ???

    I Hope someone can help me.

    I have a '94 GT Mustang that I want to convert to run in the super stock of the NHRA. I found a rule that is confusing to me. Can anyone explain this?

    The rulebook says "Any intake manifold permitted provided unit is of same configuration as original for carburetor used and will fit under original factory- produced, installed hood."

    Are they saying the general look of the manifold has to be the same or similar? Or does it mean the same as in how the flow paths are arranged? Or just the look?

    Thank you for your help.


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    it simply means any intake that fits under a factory hood. Nothing more, nothing less. I used to run SS and many people space down the K member a couple inches, giving you more room under the hood. You will have to make adjustment to coil cover front as well.

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