View Full Version : Upgrade to my stock 2014 mustang gt audio system

04-05-2022, 02:42 PM
Anyone replaced the stock audio system on their 2014 gt? Or maybe the years close to 14? I had my front speakers replaced with no other changes and they sound nicer, but the bass is still missing. I was going to replace the rear speakers too but if the bass isn't there then I doubt i will. Do I need to replace the whole stereo unit?

04-05-2022, 02:46 PM
Upgrading just the speakers will give only a slight improvement in audio quality.

You need to upgrade the stock amp. And if you have the dough maybe even the head unit. Best bet is one amp powering your primary speakers and then add a couple 10s in the back with their own amp, or maybe one 10 or 12".

this guy has a v6 '14 but should be similar: